John Greathouse has held a number of senior executive positions with successful startups over a period of more than fifteen years. He has repeatedly been one of the very first businesspeople hired, helping build large businesses from the ground up, with an emphasis on market engagement and scalable customer acquisition.

At Computer Motion, John served as CFO and VP of Business Development. Computer Motion was a pioneer in the surgical robotics industry, went public in 1997 and was subsequently acquired by Intuitive Surgical for $148 million.

At Expertcity, John served as CFO and SVP of Strategic Development, with responsibility for marketing, sales, business development, finance and administration, and services. Expertcity was acquired by Citrix for $236 million to become Citrix Online, which currently generates approximately $400 million in annual recurring revenue.

At CallWave, John served as the SVP of Sales & Business Development and assisted in the company’s 2004 IPO.

John was an active Angel Investor, Advisor and Board Member at: Central Desktop, RightScale, Eucalyptus, Frontier Technology, RedMojo (sold to Novell), RightCart (sold to, Vcel (sold to Fotochatter) and AppFolio.

John Greathouse is a partner at Rincon Venture Partners, a venture capital firm investing in early stage web-based businesses. John has held a number of senior executive positions with successful startups during the past fifteen years, spearheading transactions, which generated more than $350 million of shareholder value, including an IPO and a multi-hundred-million-dollar acquisition. He is also a Co-Founder of RevUpNet, a performance-based online marketing agency.

John is a CPA and holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School. He is a member of the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Faculty where he teaches several entrepreneurial courses.

Rincon Venture Partners RevUpNet


A summary of John’s Professional Activities is as follows:

Operating Executive Roles:

Rincon Venture Partners – Partner (2007 – Present)
Early-stage Venture Capital Firm
CallWave – EVP Sales & Bus Dev (2004 – 2005)
IPO in 2004 @ $200M
Expertcity/Citrix – CFO & SVP Bus Dev (1999 – 2004)
Sold in 2004 for $236M
Computer Motion – CFO & VP Bus Dev (1993 – 1999)
IPO in 1997 @ $110M
Sold in 2002 for $148M

Investor, Advisory & Board Roles:

AppFolio – Seed Investor
Central Desktop – Board Member
ElephantDrive – Board Member
Eucalyptus Systems – Seed Investor
Frontier Technology – Investor & Board Member FTI
RedMojo – Investor & Advisor
Sold to Novell
RevUpNet – Co-founder and Advisor
RightCart – Advisor
Sold to
RightScale – Seed Investor and Advisor RightScale
RingRevenue – Board Member
Tearaways – Band Manager Tearaways


  1. Sharif Elseify

    John, Excited to be following your blog. I took a few classes with you and you have been a great help in finding direction. One thing though, why does the Rincon logo look like a left when Rincon is clearly a right!

  2. john greathouse

    You are very observant, but not the first person to point out this flaw in our logo!! As I am an enthusiastic but nearly inept surfer, you’ll have to excuse this error.

  3. amber

    john I would like to have help opening a bakery in the future. id like you to be my mentor

  4. John Greathouse

    Amber – that is very kind, but you are far better off finding someone local, who has experience running a bakery. Best of luck to you.

  5. amber

    oh ok thanks

  6. Domenick Scherpf

    Good Afternoon John,

    My name is Domenick Scherpf, Co-Founder of VigorWay; a social platform for the active lifestyle. My partner and I will be in Santa Barbara this weekend into next week and are really interested in sharing our vision with you.

    VigorWay is available on iOS and Android. If you have an email I can reach you at, I would really like to go more into detail.

    Thank You,
    Domenick Scherpf

  7. John Greathouse

    Thanks for reaching out Domenick, but VigorWay isn’t a good fit for Rincon. We generally only invest in B-to-B SaaS and AdTech. Consumer-facing businesses are not our forte. Best of luck to you.

  8. Domenick Scherpf

    John, thank you for the quick response. Best of luck with you also.

  9. SuperStuey2 .

    Was surfing the net lookin at how the rich folk live…..and, never heard of you, but thats ok because you never heard of me. Long story short, I need about about$3k…..My startup is ME!…Hey, what do I have to lose? $3,000 changes my life…really…than I’m stable…
    Dan Nardello,4312 49th St
    San Diego, CA 92115

  10. Cosi Productions

    Hi John,
    Firstly thank you for the blog and info you have posted over the last few years. I have learnt a tremendous amount which inspired me to start my own company which I would like to tell you about.
    My name is Joshua Blitz and I am founder if Cosi. The focus of the company is on branded IP apps.

    What makes Cosi unique is that we have signed up the IP rights of the biggest household names worldwide and are developing apps leveraging brand association. Currently we have signed Pele, Muhammad Ali and Bob Marley with more to follow.

    We have released a soft launch of our first title Pele: King of Football and the quality of work speaks for itself. The game was featured by Apple as Best New Game in 162 countries upon release resulting in 850k installs with an average 4 star rating across around 3000 reviews over iOS and Android.
    Brand association is key in our model. We were able to secure T-Mobile as our sponsor for the USA version of the game.

    As you can see in the Pele title, its more than just a game. We are offering users the chance to interact with the legend like never before through exclusively produced interviews unlocked through gameplay and the chance to win Real World Prizes. These include signed Pele shirts, balls and even the chance to meet Pele in person.
    We also just signed a deal with a pro team in the UK in which we will offer 5 lucky winners the chance to try out for a pro contract with the team. Something has never been done and will be picked up big within the UK press.

    Our goal is to create top content, building a one on one relationship with the consumer enabling us to monetize in different ways. We have a plan in place for Ali and are looking for the right partner to help us take this to the top.

    We also recently signed a deal with a large company in China, SkyMobi, who will publish the game in the region and have guaranteed 5m users. Other publishers want the game as they are in desperate need of high end branded content.

    It would be great to tell you a some more info and send through our deck. My direct email is

    I appreciate that your time is sensitive and any feedback is welcome.

    Please see the Pele game link below.

    Download Links


  11. John Greathouse

    Josh – congrats with Cosi. Unfortunately, you are operating in a space I know nothing about, so my ability to help is extremely limited.

    Best of luck to you and your team.

  12. chhunmeng.leelee

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  13. Arun

    Hello John – I read one of your articles on Forbes talking about how the MBA degree holders may not be a good fit in startups. What are your thoughts on MBA innovation? Specifically, do you feel that the MBA can be gamified?

  14. John Greathouse

    Arun – I have no idea. However, given that “gamification” is a bit of a well-worn term, I am a cynic. Happy to hear what you have in mind. My email address can be found here:

  15. Zachary

    Hey John. Read a recent post on Forbes. I have a Google Alert set up for ‘growth hacking’ and your post was the only one Google found on November 30th. Keep up the great work!

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