InfoChachkie Nuggets #2 – June 05 2009

Title/Summary: Entrepreneurs can change the world Video

infoChachkie Nuggets:

  • A beautiful inspirational entrepreneurial video that clocks in at just 2 minutes, 19 seconds.

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Title/Summary: The Psychology of Being Scammed
Author:  Vaughan
infoChachkie Nuggets:
A lot of marketing/selling tips can be derived from hustlers and scams:

  • People respond to authority, creating brand awareness and trust in your product
  • Create companies which solve problems  and fulfill needs not wants
  • People respond better when the marketing/advertising is direct uniquely to them
  • The best target customers already have some knowledge of the product/field
  • If your product is great encourage impulse purchases by eliminating the amount of data presented. If you are a BDC and your product sucks – excess information can obfuscate the buying process

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Title/Summary: The 4 hour workweek? People aren’t even happy when they only work 35 Hours.
Author:  New Economist
infoChachkie Nuggets:

  • Longer work hours are not always a bad thing.
  • France’s regulation lowering  the standard workweek actually ended up lowering French worker’s job satisfaction

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Title/Summary:  The Lack of Vision Thing? Fall of Newspapers
Author:  Xark
infoChachkie Nuggets:

  • Evolution holds as much true for business and technology – It applies positive feedback and the most successful methods/companies create the next evolutionary stage.
  • Because reporters reported what things were like, and editors decided what things readers should see – conventional journalism is based on a one-way monopoly over the content you see
  • With highly adaptive, timely user content released exponentially, demand for expensive, traditional journalism is rapidly decreasing
  • Journalism can adapt by eliminating the de facto editor and becoming a source of well-researched, crowd validated information,

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Michael Cole is a Program Manager for the Online Marketing Company RevUpNet LLC. He also does the web development for the blog infoChachkie.



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