Avoid Getting Grin Screwed By Properly Qualifying Your Prospects

In Don’t Be A Grin F**ker, Mark Suster describes a concept that the two of us have discussed at various Board meetings. Startups often expend significant resources attempting to coax a relationship out of someone who smiles and says all the right things, yet whose inactions are inconsistent with their alleged intentions.

Entrepreneurs who are self aware and have the Whole Package are less prone to being successfully grin screwed. However, even the most enlightened entrepreneur can unknowingly waste valuable time and energy pursuing non-qualified prospects. Thus, developing an ability to identify Grin F☺☺kers is a startup skill worth cultivating. Continue reading “Avoid Getting Grin Screwed By Properly Qualifying Your Prospects”

7 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Tyler The Creator

A version of this article previously appeared Forbes.

In my capacity as a Professor of Practice at UC Santa Barbara, I was asked by the Student Association if I would consider interviewing rapper, fashion designer and entrepreneur Tyler The Creator.

I was flattered to be considered, but Tyler’s Manager, Christian Clancy, wisely thought better of it and requested a more hip and informed Professor to conduct the interview. This reprieve allowed me to attend the event as an observer, freeing me to get schooled by Tyler, right along with the students.

Continue reading “7 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Tyler The Creator”

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